not so... tech savvy?

I get it... you're a entreprenuer, not a techie or a digital marketing guru. Let me help you get your marketing and biz tech in shape.

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So, you have a brilliant business idea and you just want to run with it. But… you lack confidence when it comes to online marketing, email software, or SEO. Eek! (take a deep breath, it’s all going to be okay.) 

I stay up to date with the latest trends, algorithms, and biz tech… so you don’t have to! We’ll tackle the tech and create a stellar strategy. Before you know it, you may just become tech savvy too.

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Focus on your building your audience while I help you with…

sales funnels

No more wondering how to deliver the goods to your email list. I'll help you created effective, automated online sales funnels.


Take back your time, but spend it wisely. Together, we'll create simple, automated systems so you can focus on what matters.

Biz Tech

This is the fun part. I'll help you tackle the tech and have confidence that you're using the right software and using it correctly.

Fan mail

"You know when you watch someone working who in in their 'zone' and they make difficult things look so so easy? That someone is Sherri."
Ruby Ringo
Pirate Ringo's Salsa
"Whether it's executing an email campaign, automating a detailed communications plan, or building a website from scratch, Sherri does the research and puts in the time to make sure it's successful."
Andrew McCracken
Marketing Specialist
"Sherri is amazing at what she does!! She really knows her stuff, and makes a point to simplify it for those who are not as tech savvy."
Ariana Sylvester
Lifestyle Builders