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Toddler Upcycled Apron Tutorial

I’m so excited about today’s tutorial. I’ve been waiting to work in this project for a few weeks and finally carved some time out. Granted I a novice when it comes to sewing, so forgive me if I miss use terms and such. I’m still learning.

About a month or so ago I bought a bag full of 24 mo/2T clothes from a Facebook Buy/Sell group. So I scored about 50 items for $20! I found these two halter tops that I thought would make perfect aprons to go with my daughter’s Christmas present. I finally worked on them this week and I love how they turned out. All the other items I used were already at the house.


Apron Upcycle Tutorial

Items Needed:
Child’s halter top
Sewing Machine

Step One: Cut the back of the apron
Cut the back of the apron and iron the fabric to form a hem. Pin if desired.


Step Two: Sew the hem


Step Three: Attach Ribbon
I decided to put my ribbon on the outside so it could be seen. I made sure to sew along each side to be sure it was secure.

Step Four (Optional): Take photos of the finished project to share with friends






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