Challenge #3

Yesterday we spent a lot of time on the lead magnet. I’m sure you have some great plans for the future, and maybe even started to tweak your existing offer or creating something new and awesome from scratch. If you missed that post you can find it here.

Revisit your Download Page

Today it’s time to tackle another important piece of the puzzle… the download or thank you page. This is the page your subscribers land on after they confirm their opt-in. It’s also typically the page where they download their lead magnet offer. This means it is prime real estate on your site.

Why do I consider the thank you or download page such a valuable page?

  1. Just about every single subscriber on your list visits that page. They want their opt-in freebie, right? So they will click through to the download page to pick it up. In short, this will likely be one of your most visited pages.
  2. The second reason is just as important and it’s about the quality of website visitor. These are “red-hot” leads. They are very interested in what you have to say and they trust you enough to hand over their email address. Take advantage of that fact and present them with your best self and even give them an exclusive offer while they are open to taking you up on it.

With all that said, it’s time to audit your download page and see if there’s room for improvement. At the very least, you want the following on your download or thank you page:

Top three elements that will make your Download Page work for you!

Thank Your Subscribers – Not only is it a nice thing to do, it also lets them know that their subscription was successful. This is also one of the first impressions you make, so make it a good one.

Access To The Lead Magnet – Next, it’s time to keep your promise and deliver the lead magnet. This could be a PDF download, an embedded video, or the information they need to access a course. Make it easy to get the lead magnet, and provide help on how to access it. Not only does this avoid frustrated subscribers, it also saves you on quite a few support emails.

A Way To Get In Touch With You – No matter how much information you provide or how thorough you are with the help you provide on the pages, people will have questions. Make it easy to get in touch with you by providing your email and links to your social media accounts. Getting emails from subscribers is actually a good thing. It allows you to continue to build that one-on-one relationship.

Optional – But Highly Recommended!

With the basics covered, let’s talk about my favorite addition to the thank you or download page that has made a huge difference in my own business. It’s to make an offer right there for a paid product. Ideally this will be your own product, but in a pinch, you can also make an offer for an affiliate product.

The idea is to move your readers from subscriber to paying customer as quickly as possible. A customer is a much more valuable lead than a freebie subscriber. Right after they sign up, you have their full attention and you know exactly what they want and need. Come up with an info product that’s closely related to the lead magnet they just signed up for. Earlier in this series, we used potty training as an example and talked about creating a lead magnet about the signs that a child is ready to potty train. The perfect product for the download page would be a short guide on how to potty train your child in 48 hours.

Keep this information product highly targeted and inexpensive. You don’t want to offer a high ticket item here. This is the very beginning of your product funnel. Offer something anywhere from $7 – $37 here depending on your target market. Make it a no-brainer offer and get them on that customer list.

The list you’re building will be more valuable and as an added bonus, you can use the income you’re generating from your thank you page to buy advertising to continue to grow your list even faster.


That’s it for day three. Tomorrow we’ll make sure your welcome email is truly showcasing you.