asdTired of the guesswork behind becoming GDPR Compliant?

I’m here to set the record straight. GDPR is not something you can escape. In an age of data sharing, our tribe needs to know we are doing everything we can to protect the information they provide to us. It’s just good business sense.

hi, I'm sherri

I totally geek out over marketing and biztech, so you don’t have to. I know the struggle is very much real for entrepreneurs. You have your idea and you just want to run with it. You may lack confidence with digital marketing concepts, blogging, or how to use your email software. Eeek! What should you focus on first? That’s where I come in to save the day!
I help entrepreneurs, like you, gain confidence and clarity with their marketing and the necessary systems. Together we tackle #bizoverwhelm by creating effective, sustainable and automated business systems (my fav), so you can have a more personal connection with your audience and move your business forward.

Is your service right for me?

Yes, if you...

Sorry, not for you if you...

So… ready to work with me? I do apologize for those not in the U.S. Since I am based in the United States, I feel most comfortable working within our laws and how they work within GDPR.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a lawyer and am not providing any legal advice. Any work I do will be on the technical side of getting your website and email auto responser set up to be GDPR compliant. 

Still want to DIY your site compliance?

While I’m all for DIY-ing as much as you can, the bottom line is you’ve missed the GDPR deadline (it was May 25, 2018). 

Good news! The regulations are for the European Union and you’re based in the U.S. Unless your consumer base is primarily made up of EU citizens, we still have some time to get you compliant. Plus… this compliance thing is just good business practice.

You’re already frustrated with trying to DIY … so why keep trying.
Hire a techie, like me, to figure it all out.

Packages & Pricing

(limited quantities available)


$ 97
  • WP Cookie Plugin
  • Update Privacy Policy & Terms of Service
  • Update 1-2 Freebie Opt-In Forms
  • User Privacy Best Practices Checklist


$ 249
  • WP Cookie Plugin
  • Update Privacy Policy & Terms of Service
  • Update 3-5 Freebie Opt-In Forms
  • Rework 1 Sales Funnel
  • User Privacy Best Practices Checklist


$ 325
  • WP Cookie Plugin
  • Update Privacy Policy & Terms of Service
  • Update 6-10 Freebie Opt-In Forms
  • Rework 1-2 Sales Funnels
  • User Privacy Best Practices Checklist