What I learned in my first two weeks as a work at home mom

I grew up with parents who worked for themselves and were always there for me when I needed them most. With this type of upbringing, I knew flexibility was important to me and I would eventually become a work at home mom.

In January of 2019, this dream became a reality and it’s not been easy, but I’m always up for a good challenge. This is what I’ve learned in my first two weeks of being full-time entrepreneur and full-time mom.

Work at home mom newbie tips

Don’t force your routine. Find out what works naturally for you.

I’ve heard it all and have tried it all when it comes to finding time to work. I’m all about that side-gig life, and when you’re home full-time, your business can very much work in “side-gig” hours if you work it correctly. However your most productive time and children’s sleep schedule may not always match up with the mompreneurs you follow online. Find out what works for you. For us, this looks like early mornings before the kids wake up (luckily not to early as I have late sleepers), late nights and anytime I can sprinkle it in during the day like our quite play/naptime.

Always put your children first.

I really should have put his one first but I needed to take care of mommy business. Your children are the reason you’re staying home in the first place, right? I currently have a six and two-year-old and I’m homeschooling for the first time ever! You better believe they are the reason I’m home. Our family made this decision so we could focus on more important things like family and raising our children the way we see fit. I’ve instructed my six-year-old to let mommy know if she is feeling like I’m “on the computer” too much because my main focus is her and I know my workaholic tendencies. So… put your kids first, ‘nuff said.

Do not overbook yourself and set limits.

Depending on what stage you are in business and life, this could look differently for you. For me it looks like this… if I start to feel overwhelmed in anyway it’s time to reevaluate. Also, at the time I took the plunge and decided to be a work at home mom, I was bringing in consistent money and was starting to be referred to new clients. So, at this point that means, I could very easily overbook myself. So, while I primarily focus on package pricing and not hourly pricing, I have set a limit for me not to more than 20 hours total a week and not do conduct work on my phone. Sometimes I slip on the phone rule, but for the most part work is done on the computer only.

Systems are life

If you don’t know by now, you’ll find out quickly I’m a systems and processes junkie. I’ve also been fortunate to be able to build a business around this love. For those who are new, systems can mean actual software or ways of doing work and… well… process are systems. Systemizing your business can help you save so much time and sanity. I’ve learned a lot in the last two weeks as a work at home mom about what systems work and don’t work for me. I’ve also made adjustments. Many things I had set up while I was doing my business while still working a 9 to 5. Taking the time to write things down and set up systems (some of which are automated) have helped my business and sanity tremendously!

Make sure your mindset is right.

On a final note, as an entrepreneurial work at home mom I have to keep my head in the game and remember why I’m doing this. It’s for my family’s benefit and my sanity too, but more on that later.



What are some things you’ve done to help your business thrive as a work at home mom? I’d love to know in the comments.

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